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"111-2 Yangming Campus Service-Learning Lecture Series"

Service Learning Center at Yangming Campus
111-2 We return to ourselves and look beyond borders. Embracing trends, we gear up.

◆ "SDGs Sustainable Development Goals Lecture"
Date: February 22nd (Wednesday) 10:10-12:00
Venue: Zhixing Building, Room 216
Speaker: Mr. Chen Jianzhe

◆ "International NGOs and Social Enterprises"
Date: March 15th (Wednesday) 10:10-12:10
Venue: Zhixing Building, Room 216
Speaker: Ms. Chu Shih-ying

◆ "Mindfulness and Stress Reduction for a Happy Life Lecture"
Date: March 22nd (Wednesday) 10:10-12:00
Venue: Zhixing Building, Room 216
Speaker: Mr. Ling Jing-feng

◆ "Beach Cleaning Activity - Bali Beitou Beach"
Date: May 17th (Tuesday) 13:00-17:30
Venue: Bali Beitou Beach

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Extracurricular Group: Wen-zhi #62267

Service learning is a holistic educational approach that encompasses both "service" and "learning" as equally important components. It tightly integrates students with their communities. For students, it broadens their social engagement, enhances interpersonal relationships, and fosters reflective thinking. For society, it diversifies activities and cultivates civic-minded individuals dedicated to public affairs. For schools, it provides a fresh interactive platform for teachers and students to embark on a shared journey into society.