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Assisting Domestic Universities at Overseas Chinese Schools in Southeast Asia in 112th Year


  1. In order to encourage domestic universities and civil organizations to provide voluntary services at overseas Chinese schools in Southeast Asia, and to broaden the international perspectives of our youth, we have formulated this plan. Additionally, to establish long-term communication channels between domestic youth volunteer teams and overseas Chinese schools and allow volunteers to have a better understanding of the current situation at the schools and adjust the service content accordingly, this plan allows volunteer teams to independently contact and negotiate with the Chinese schools mentioned in our announcement, and after confirming the service arrangements, they can apply to our organization for funding support.

  2. Based on the investigation of the demand for overseas Chinese school volunteer services this year, there are a total of 3 countries, including the Philippines, Malaysia, and Thailand, with 11 Chinese schools submitting requests. Approximately 82 youth volunteers are needed, with the following areas of demand (detailed in the summarized table):

    (a) Chinese language education: including teaching techniques, Chinese character instruction, pronunciation instruction, classroom games, character-based teaching methods, composition, reading, calligraphy, and public speaking, etc.

    (b) Cultural promotion: including paper cutting, Chinese knots, Chinese painting, martial arts, kung fu, tai chi, puppetry, pipe and string instruments, folk songs, folk dances, etc.

    (c) Information services: including computer typing instruction, document processing instruction, video filming and editing instruction, etc.

    (d) Library services: including assisting libraries, planning school history libraries, etc.

    (e) Others: including enhancing students' motivation and ability in learning Chinese, life education, environmental conservation courses, etc.

    (f) In summary, please assist in notifying and encouraging relevant departments and volunteer service organizations in the fields of Chinese language education, music and sound, dance, film and television, library information, etc., to actively form teams and apply.

  3. The key points of the subsidy are summarized as follows:

    (a) Recipients of the subsidy: domestic universities, and they should form youth volunteer teams aged 18 to 30 (age calculated at the time of departure).

    (b) Personnel qualifications: Each team should consist of at least 2 people, and the team should be composed of at least half Taiwanese youth.

    (c) Amount of subsidy: The subsidy amount is calculated based on the number of Taiwanese youth volunteers in the team, with a maximum subsidy of NT$10,000 per person and a maximum total subsidy of NT$80,000 per team. The subsidized units need to raise more than 20% of the total project budget themselves.

  4. The summary of the application process is as follows:

    (a) Application period: Starting from now until May 29th (based on the postmark, late submissions will not be accepted).

    (b) Application method: Applications should be submitted in writing. Volunteer teams should first submit the application documents (two copies) to their affiliated schools, and then the schools should send the application documents together with an official letter to our organization.

    (c) Application documents: Including application form, funding application form, volunteer roster, service plan, acceptance letter from the overseas Chinese school, SDGs relevance list of the